Welcome to Cyrus Naficy Academy, you made it! I am so excited to make your children from ages 6-10 enjoy learning. My name is Cyrus Naficy. I am a two time Capitol Debate finalist and a one time champion. I am also working on advanced in math, and I am ready to help your kids succeed.

Cyrus Naficy
Chief Executive Officer

          Hello, I am Cyrus Naficy. I founded this business as a 13 year old to help young children get a head start. Children learn and function the most when they are young, so that is why I am here to take advantage of their young learning superpowers. I will also be teaching many of the classes listed in the Classes tab.

Susie Naficy
Chief Marketing Officer

          Susie Naficy is my mom. She helps out with business, social media, YouTube, and website advice. Thanks mom!

Darsh Iyer
Chief Talent Officer
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Educators and Investors 

             Hey, I am Darsh! I joined the business to take part in the kids teaching kids program. I love to teach kids and love math. I am a year ahead in math and also do math out of school. I also participate in math competitions. I am looking forward to tutoring your child!

      Here at Cyrus Naficy Academy, we love to teach kids. That is why we have tutors from all over the world! Our tutors would love to help your child in any way possible! To be connected with a tutor, please fill out a contact form and we will connect you with a tutor that we think fits you best!